We at Pitch Global are serial entrepreneurs and lived through the problems of what it means to run a successful startup.  Additionally, we have mentored hundreds of companies and/or were involved in their operations or on the BoD.  We have seen first-hand that in a competitive labor market (and Silicon Valley/Silicon Beach are as competitive as it gets) you need to compete in every aspect.  There used to be a time when stock options were considered the bait that let employees forget the lack of regular benefits.  These times are gone, and everybody (apart from the founders) expects the same benefits as they receive from the big established companies.  We at Pitch Global have partnered with the strongest company in the market, and here are the three main reasons why:

Offer benefits

like the

Fortune 500

Human Resource management is a complex task, and often companies loose because they don’t have or can’t afford in their early stages, they right authority to manage all that is required.

Our partner, TriNet, is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), that offers very affordable healthcare options (typically reserved to Fortune 500), 401K, Payroll, D&O Insurance, Workmans Comp. Employee Handbook, and many more services.

Don’t risk falling behind, or not be able to retain the right, high-level talent that can take your company to the next stage.

Beyond HR!

Inside connection

to SV investors

While there is competition in the HR outsourcing marketplace, there is really no one else that offers the connections into the investor community like TriNet.  For one they themselves are back by one of the bigger companies: General Atlantic, but to many other VC firms, because they themselves love to see that their startups are in good hands.

A company’s mistake based on HR failures can be a serious setback or even can cost the company.  And if you don’t have institutional investors, believe us they will be impressed by your professionalism, that you took the bull by the horn.

Best Service


Online Portal

Yes, we know, there are probably cheaper solutions out there – pure online portals.  But HR solutions implementations are not something you should play Russian Roulette with.

Small to medium-size businesses face unique HR challenges. TriNet, our partner, is a full-service HR provider offering 24/7 support from their team. They can help you handle your toughest HR questions, so you’re free to focus on your people and your growing business.

Have you ever tried to reach a pure Online portal?  Especially when it is urgent.  We have and didn’t get any results.

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