Pitch Global offers an affiliate program to Tech Futures Group.  If you are a company pitching at Pitch Global, we select some of the companies with the highest potential and submit them to the TFG application, and then if approved you will be mentored by the key executives of Pitch Global 

About Tech Futures Group:

No-Cost Advising – PG-TFG clients work one-on-one with advisors. Each client is paired with an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (“EIR”) and has access to a team of specialist advisors in intellectual property, fundraising, financial planning and projections, and federal grants. 

Our Funding – PG-TFG is a program of a non-profit organization called the Northern California Small Business Development Center Network (“SBDC”). Launched in June 2012, TFG is one of three initiatives designed to extend the reach of the SBDC to niche entrepreneurial groups, such as tech startups, triple bottom line firms, and importers & exporters.

Medtech/Healthcare tech/Biomedical Advising/ Functional Medicine – PG’s Mr. Tillmann is a former advisor to various Lifescience funds and has advised many companies in this field as well as in the field of functional medicine.  Our advising is designed to pinpoint the challenges facing companies in the biomed space to provide tailored solutions.

TFG-PG Advisory Services – Entrepreneurs in Residence, Specialists Advisors, market launch, funding strategies, IP strategy, SBDC programs, SBDC seminars, and SBIR/STTR.

Clients – Software, hardware, internet, mobile, life sciences, cleantech, biotech, telecom, and SBIR/STTR grant applicants.

Go-To-Market Strategy – Business plan optimization, product positioning and management, business development and sales, early customer engagement, market entry and expansion, and fundraising presentation development and pitch coaching.

Commercialization & Fundraising – Fundraising strategy, channel and strategic partnership, joint ventures and strategic alliances, private equity and financing, and pivoting.

IP Strategy – Advice on IP strategy, disclosure, marketing, patent and trademark prosecution, technology transactions, and tech transfer.

Financial Projections – Financial statement preparation, financial planning, risk mitigation and cash flow modeling.

SBIR/STTR Grants – Assistance in applying for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) federal grants.