BOSS Capital Partners is a syndicate dedicated to investing in post-product market fit, lower and middle market technology businesses that need operational expertise and guidance to achieve capital efficient and rewarding outcomes. Our singular focus is helping founders achieve an increased rate of successful outcomes in order to benefit stakeholders and society as a whole, and our team is composed of partners with complementary backgrounds that encompass the key operational areas required to scale and transform technology businesses. 

BOSS Capital Partners is built on the foundation of the Business Operations Support System (BOSS), a holistic and thoroughly tested methodology developed and refined by co-founder Greg Shepard over more than 20 years. This system was instrumental in facilitating lucrative exits on 14 businesses with a combined $1 billion+ in transaction value, including the eBay Enterprise 2016 acquisition of Affiliat Traction and AdAssured which received 4 distinct awards for its complexity and creativity by M&A Advisor, a leading private equity industry group. Most recently, the transit technology systems company, Delerrok, was acquired by Cubic Corporation after just two and a half years in the Boss Capital Partners portfolio with a total purchase price of $42.9 million, highlighting the efficiency and predictability of positive outcomes employing the Business Operations Support System.

Utilizing BOSS and tapping into decades of combined expertise, our team assists portfolio companies with tactical challenges they face in product management, engineering, sales, marketing, pricing, legal, and finance. Consistently and efficiently applied, BOSS enables the transformation of day-to-day operations within portfolio companies while significantly increasing the quality of potential exit outcomes.