EURO Startup Day is a monthly PITCH GLOBAL series that covers specific topics of interest to non-US based startup companies, and gives them a platform to meet investors and mentors to lay the foundation of successfully entering the US market.  The US market is the biggest homogenous market with great expansion opportunities for International Companies, and it also represents the largest exit market for companies.

Investors like to see an exit strategy with high multiples.  Historically this is best fulfilled through acquisitions by US companies.

Our monthly EURO Startup Days will cover in 2022 topics such as:

  • How to analyze the potential of doing business in the US
  • Legal considerations for doing business in the US
  • Funding from US investors (Be here first or receive funding first?)
  • Unique cultural and business environment in the US
  • Going-to-Market strategy
  • Understanding your customers early on
  • How to develop the right sales strategy
  • It is not about features but benefits
  • The best product never wins, but the best strategy does

Next Agenda:

9.00 AM –9.10 AM Opening Remarks
by Kaustav “KC” Chaudhuri, Founder& EIR Pitch Global
9.10 AM –9.30 AM Investor Intro
9.30 AM –11.30 AM All participants will give a 6 min pitch after which our EIR’s will comment on some relevant feedback and provide further guidance. Please send a link to your LinkedIn profile and Pitch Deck to in order to give us advanced information
11.30 AM —12.00 PM Private Meetings


Step 1: We will connect you with Axel Tillmann, EIR at Pitch Global and the Host of this event at the beginning of the week who will make sure that the zoom connection between your laptop and our System is working.

Step 2: We will allocate you a 8 minutes slot between 9.30 pm to 11. 30 PST

Step 3: We will mention your company’s name and info in our mailing lists which is read by thousands of investors and Mentors. All the investors & Mentors in these lists will receive your contacts and we hope that those interested will get in touch with you directly.

Refund Policy: Credit may be provided for a future event at the discretion of the organizer

  • All events will be on the first Friday of each month.