Innovation Mindset is a new series of PITCH GLOBAL.  The first two programs in this series will be:

  • 7 Steps from Innovation to Funding (was on Dec. 17th, 2021)
    in cooperation with Boss Capital Partners

    In our previous events, we have dispelled the notion that CVC’s only invest later stage. The fact that trend setting CVC’s like TDK Ventures invest in all stages and many are following suit. However, in order to attract CVC’s for partnerships and funding, founders need to plug gaps in their entrepreneurial education which typically they have picked up in bits and pieces and not undergone a structured methodology.

    Participants will benefit from and be able to apply to their business to increase growth, competency, and productivity.

    There will be Live feedback through Q&A sessions.


    9.00 AM –9.15 AMOpening Remarks
    by Kaustav “KC” Chaudhuri, Founder& EIR Pitch Global
    9.15 AM –9.35 AM“Basic entrepreneurial education needed to attract Funding”
    by Randall LaVeau of BOSS Capital Partners
    9.35 AM –10.30 AMSelected participants (we will try to accommodate everyone) will be allowed to give a 1-2 min elevator pitch after which our EIR’s will comment on some relevant ones and provide further guidance. Please send a link to your LinkedIn profile to in order to get priority.
    10.30 AM –10.50 AMWhat is Innovation Mindset?
    by Kaustav “KC” Chaudhuri, Founder& EIR Pitch Global
    10.50 AM —11.10 AMCase Study. How I led the Corporate Innovation spinoff for a non-core division for leading global Japanese company and what are the lessons of Silicon Valley Mindset from it –
    by Axel Tillmann, EIR Pitch Global.
    11.10 AM—11.15 AMClosing Remarks
    by Axel Tillmann, EIR Pitch Global