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Black, Latino, and Women Entrepreneurs are at a major disadvantage when it comes to starting companies and even more importantly when trying to obtain funding. Black Entrepreneurs receive 0.3% of the total VC funding, Latinos, 0.6% of the funding, and lastly women receive 6% of the funding. If we normalize the numbers then we get the following results: 1.6/1000 funding for Black and Latino entrepreneurs, and 12/1000 are attributed to female entrepreneurs. For minority group women the picture is worse. Solutions include our participation in various organizations and efforts. Axel Tillmann our founding EIR is the board member for teh National Black Entrepreneur Project, and among others Axel Tillmann and Kaustav Chaudhuri are Investment Directors in the California Inclusivity Fund, working with private/public partnerships to rasie $100M for Fund I.

California Inclusivity Fund

California Inclusivity Fund

We are raising for

  • Fund I –      $100M (targeting Black Entrepreneurs
  • Fund II –     $100M (Targeting Latino Entrepreneurs)
  • Fund III –   $200M (Targeting Female Entrepreneurs)

We are asking the State of California, Corporations, and Celebrities to help has change the picture for a better tomorrow.

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National Black Entrepreneur Project (NBEP)

Before Entrepreneurs can start and expand a potentially successful businesses, they need a helping hand. Friends and Family are the typical path to go this step, but for many parts of the society this is not an option.

Most disadvantaged are Black Entrepreneurs.  The NBEP has set up to change the picture over time, to provide a helping hand and assist in their success.  Support in the area of Finance, Insurance, Real-Estate, and Entrepreneurship is provided.

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