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Welcome to PITCH GLOBAL, networks of CVC’s, VC’s and angels from reputed funds, in Silicon Valley, LA and globally (scroll below to see a partial list of funds which attends our events and view footage of US Govt funded Innovation Demo Days we run regularly). We have been mentoring Founders and running premier investor events for almost a decade and as a satellite of US Govt agency we are involved in doubling their total assistance in Northern California from $ 500 m in 2020 to $ 1 b.  All the companies featured have gotten funding from connections made through us – not just equity but also non-dilutive like LOC’s and Government Grants! 

Recent Funding Success

Through our paid mentorship (funded by NorCal SBDC) three companies, that our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) have mentored, raised collectively more than $20 million in 8 months. 

Over the past 10 years, Founders who have presented at Pitch Global run/promoted events have raised through our network of reputable CVCs, VCs, and Angel Funds attending our events.

For instance, in 2021, one of our active judges, a Korean Corporate Venture Capitalist (CVC), top 3 in the world, invested over $ 1.5 billion in a US based clean energy company that pitched at one of our Silicon Valley Virtual Pitch Events.




Our Investor Network

We have a long list of established investor relationships, that attend our Pitch Global events.  Here we only display a representative list,
but when you press “see more” you will get the full list of our network

  • Keiretsu Forum
  • Wharton Angels
  • Stanford Angels
  • Harvard Angels
  • Band of Angels
  • TIE Angels
  • Caltech Angels
  • MIT Angels
  • General Atlantic Partners
  • Chicago/Booth Angels
  • Berkeley Angels
  • Nex3/Sway Ventures
  • Shell Ventures
  • United Health Ventures
  • Singularity Ventures
  • DFJ
  • Emergent Capital
  • Novartis Ventures
  • Fusion Fund
  • Elevate Capital
  • Bosch Innovation
  • Plug & Play
  • Sand Hill Angels
  • Lifesciences Angels
  • Health Tech Angels
  • US Angels
  • BOSS Capital Partners
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Yamaha Ventures
  • Tech coast Angels
  • Samsung Catalyst Fund
  • Draper Nexus
  • United Health VC
  • J&J VC
  • ABB
  • Emerging Ventures
  • National Grid
  • Henkel
  • Expert Dojo
  • Clearstone Partners
  • Mahindra VC
  • Maersk Ventures
  • Pipeline Capital
  • Nokia Ventures
  • Intel Capital
  • Blumberg Capital
  • Goldman Sachs Growth
  • Vespucci Partners
  • NGP Capital
  • Samsung Ventures
  • NGK Ventures
  • Allstate
  • Pepsi Ventures
  • Photon Fund
  • Lam Research
  • SK Telecom/Group
  • Juniper Network
  • Illumina Ventures
  • Qualcomm Ventures
  • Volvo Cars
  • Renault/Nissan
  • Hypertherm Ventures
  • Benhamou Global
  • Nexus Partners
  • Charles River Partners
  • TDK Ventures
  • ON Energy Ventures
  • Banco Santander
  • Chevron
  • Magna
  • Toyota
  • HSBC
  • Maersk
  • Ranstaad
  • Caterpillar


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Government sponsored mentorship

Some impressions of our events

Silicon Valley Innovation Demo Day

Our event, sponsored by NorCal SBDC, is an unique opportunity for all local entrepreneurs and investors to witness world class innovation without leaving the comfort of their home.  As added bonus, there will be sessions/presentations hosted by out EIRs. both of whom have extensive experience in various facets of innovation – creating the Mindset to get Capital.

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

KC Headshot-formalized

Kaustav Chaudhuri (KC Wisdom)

Founder & EIR. Author and Speaker on Innovation and Entrepreneurial Education & super-connector. Was part of a team of Silicon Valley experts who co-wrote The First Mile(John Wiley) on behalf of TIE, the largest organization of entrepreneurs in the world. Wrote a book on Leadership which is being updated under the revised title, Innovate from within. Have been running leading entrepreneurial and funding events in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach (LA) for a decade.


Axel Tillmann

EIR & LA Chapter Chair. Serial Entrepreneur/Operator (several exits) with extensive experience including being former US CEO of Fund of Funds based in Sandhill Road and former CEO of celebrity network in LA.  Led PITCH GLOBAL’s effort in helping Ricoh spin off their non-core Medtech division into EIGA Health from initial funding to recruiting Management team and customer acquisition. Former Board member of Mass Challenge.


Gerry Baranano

EIR—CVC Advisory. Serial entrepreneur with exits. Started and grew US Govt agency for the Tech world—Tech Futures Group funded by Norcal SBDC, SBA and California Govt– in Silicon Valley. Has counseled many startups, corporates, investors etc about the Silicon Valley startup eco system as well as on specialized areas like how to secure US Govt Grants. Holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Our Advisors


Laszlo Horvarth: Managing Partner of Vespucci Partners—leading Central European Fund. Co-owns Active Media with the Rockefeller family. Startup Advisor to several Heads of States in the European Union.  Co-organizer of elite entrepreneurial conferences in Europe, Asia and USA.  Holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Jim Simmons, Co-founder Simmons Goodspeed VC & Co-Chair of Caltech Angels. Extensive experience as a Tech Executive with cos like Hewlett Packard, KLA Tencor etc before becoming a VC with Draper Richards and then co-founding own VC fund. Holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Sasha Johnson. Co-founded Draper VTB Fund with Tim Draper and VTB Bank. Founder of Silicon Valley’s “ultimate insider” elite annual GTS Conference started in 2001 where every major Head of well known VC Funds like Sequoia Capital,NEA, IVP, Draper etc participates. www.mercurynews.com/2012/12/28/sasha-johnson-bridging-the-gap-between-russia-silicon-valley/


Such Projects have gotten Pitch Global on the radar of VC arms of large companies, and they are increasingly reaching out to Pitch Global for gaining access to startups in their extended network of networks. 

Pitch Global events often begin with an investor Panel drawn from Corporate Venture Capital (CVC’s) arms of large companies. For instance, a recent Lifesciences investor event had a Panel with senior investors from United Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Qualcomm, etc.

One of the Largest investor networks meets unique culture & experience of matching entrepreneurs with investors: 

Pitch Global is considered to be a leading investor Network of Networks not only in Silicon Valley but also in other influential markets like LA. They have given examples of US Angels and Expert Dojo above, which are just 2 of hundreds of investor groups whose members attend our events.

The Funding success at Pitch Global virtual events is rooted in the unique format of Pitch Global live events in SF, LA, and London where, instead of picking winners, each participant is matched with one or more investors who are most likely to invest.

So, over the years, Pitch Global has perfected its unique matchmaking process which has led to thousands of global entrepreneurs connect with the right investors.

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