“How to partner with CVC’” is a CVC Thought Leadership Series consisting of a presentation and Q&A conducted by Andrew Maywah, Investment Director of TDK Ventures –which invests in the Early Stage. Andrew is an alumnus of MIT & Wharton and was a VC in China before he relocated to Silicon Valley and became investor with TDK Ventures. “Our guest CVC is Dr Bin Zhou of Goodyear Ventures”.

The event will begin with the entrepreneur’s perspective provided by Joseph Chamdani, Co-founder of Turing Sense Inc, which has raised over $ 18 m and is collaborating with large corporations, CVC’s and Govt Institutions and has raised almost $ 100 m in his career as an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs do not look at CVC’s since the popular perception is that they invest in later stages. However, it is a growing trend that CVC’s are investing in earlier stages and Andrew through this insightful and interactive presentation, will guide you how to attract corporates/CVC’s for partnerships which could lead to investing as well

This is an unique opportunity for all entrepreneurs and investors to learn about world class innovation without leaving the comfort of your home.

Key Take-aways

In our previous events, we have dispelled the notion that CVC’s only invest later stage. The fact that trend setting CVC’s like TDK Ventures invest in all stages and many are following suit. Some of the CVC’s who have attended Pitch Global events have expanded their investor base; examples are Banco Santander VC (which has changed name into Maura Capital) and Illumina Ventures (which has kept the name).

Participants will benefit from and be able to apply to their business to increase growth, competency and productivity.

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A good investment source, but Startups need to learn how to
communicate and what CVCs are looking for.

The picture on the left is from our monthly UC Berkeley Global co-hosted event+ the quote below should give you an idea of what kind of investors you can meet at a Pitch Global virtual investor event every month;. We usually have 10 featured investors and another 15-20 unfeatured ones from thousands of investors in our network.

Berkeley Global and UC Berkeley Extension are thrilled to have hosted the 6th live online Pitch Global event of 2021 last Friday. A warm thanks to Kaustav Chaudhuri (KC Wisdom) & Axel Tillmann for this great event! Another warm thanks to Benjamin (BΞN) Narasin, General Partner –(who just spun out Tenacity Venture Capital with backing from leading VC firm NEA where he was long term Partner), for sharing so much with us, as well as our investors-judges-mentors for sharing their feedback, perspectives, & insight & for mentoring the startups after the event: Andrew Maywah (TDK Ventures), Sheila Proeve(Stanford Angels″ Row Ventures), John Ricci(US Angels+Harvard Angels+Keiretsu Forum), Steve Tsai (IPO Group), Nathan Pascarella(Hypertherm Ventures), Jonathan “JC” Charles (Samsung Catalyst Fund), Jim Simmons(Caltech Angels+Simmons Goodspeed VC) , & again, Ben, KC and Axel. Congrats Cargo Chief (Russell Jones), Telemetrak (Erik Eklund), 11Sight (Aleks Gollu), Moby Corp (Bill Kallman), Koopid (Venkatesh Krishnaswamy), SST Wireless Inc. (Christopher Chong), TuringSense (Joe Chamdani), Insynctive, Inc. (Gary Goldstein), Nanovista Inc. (Anton Neschadim), AirLocker (Tom Corder) and ForwardVue Pharma (Alan Franklin).

—–Nadege Thorez, Director of Custom Programs, UC Berkeley Global.