Pitch Global is the organizer of the Pitch Competition of the two-day event with The Los Angles Tribune called “The Quantum Leap Forum” – Feb. 20th ans 21st. The previous event in 2020 had 20,000 visitors LIVE and OnDemand.  The exposure is great and long-term partnerships are possible as well.




10 AM to 5 PM

The Details

The Early Spring 2021 Pitch Global event in Souther California is the first of its kind, co-hosted with The Los Angeles Tribune. The Los Angeles Tribune hosts a 2-day Summit Feb. 20th and 21st with powerful speakers, discussion, and an all-day pitch competition on the second day Feb. 21st.

Both days will go from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and the second day will be opened by the former CEO of Jeff Hoffman, now Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Jeff will be also one of our judges for the entire day of the program.

Besides the Pitch Competition, we will host informative panels about:

🔶 The legal pitfalls of startup companies

🔶 The inside scoop to crowd funding

🔶 Is investment deterministic or potluck

This event is an online event that will be streamed on various digital media channels and will also be available life and On Demand on amazon fire tv and ROKU.

“The stakes are high because the winner will get tremendous exposure”:

🔶 2-page article in The Los Angeles Tribune monthly printer edition

🔶 Guest of Honor on a Monday evening show hosted by The Los Angeles Tribune TV

🔶 Feature article in Forbes India

🔶 Online article in The Los Angles Tribune

🔶 Streamed and On Demand Interview on StartUp Steroid

We will have a judge panel of 4 deciding judges that will also conduct the public Q&A. We have commitments from more than 20 investors (Angels and VC) that will follow the program and will receive distribution of all materials.

The format is a 6 min presentation (with deck) followed by a 4 min Q&A. At the end of the competition the judges will tally up their scores and select the winner.


10:00 AM Start with opening remarks from
                   Kaustav Chaudhuri, Axel Tillmann,
                   and Moe Rock

10:15 AM Keynote Jeff Hoffmann
                  (former CEO

10:30 AM Pitch Competition (Companies 1-5)

11:30 AM The legal pitfalls of startup companies

12:00 PM Pitch Competition (Companies 6-10)

  1:00 PM various panels 

  2:00 PM The inside scoop of crowdfunding

  2:30 PM Pitch Competition (Companies 11-15)

  3:30 PM Is investment deterministic or potluck –
                   inside to a VC

 4:00 PM Pitch Competition (Companies 16-20)

4:50 PM Judges Tally

5:00 PM Crowning the winner

5:05 PM Closing remarks




Pitching Entrepreneur – Early bird                           $ 495

Pitching Entrepreneur – Regular                              $ 595

Pitch Deck review and strategy session                 $ 695
Two session (one week apart) with detailed deck analysis and suggestions and follow meeting with pitch training

Pitching Entrepreneur Sponsorship                         $ 997
Includes speaking time on the 1st day of the 2 day Summit and a full-page write-up in the quarterly magazine of The Los Angeles Tribune covering the Pitch Competition

If you have a special requirement or have additional questions, please write to us (click here)